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Oil For Soul - 
For physical, mental & spiritual well being

'Oil For Soul' is an initiative to spread awareness about oils. These oils have significant advantages for our health (physical / mental / spiritual) and beauty with very little or negligible side effects.

For thousands of years in various cultures, oils have been used for medicinal, beauty and health benefits/purposes.

Many of us have some or little obsession towards oils........ We rub them on our bodies, massage them onto our hair/skin, and use them as some powerful medicines.

Oils help us to relax, sleep better, improve our skin conditions and you may not believe some oils may improve our digestion too. These healing oils are rapidly growing in popularity because they act as natural medicine without any side effects.

The uses of oils in our day to day life range from aromatherapy to personal beauty care, household cleaning products and natural medicinal treatments.

Beauty oils are loaded with vitamins and minerals that repair and protect our skin and hair.

Essential oils can have amazing healing effect on our mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Mosquitoes Menace

Combat Mosquitoes menace naturally using Oils

Oral Detoxification (Whiter Gums and Healthier Gums)

Oil pulling is a natural healing practice which is used to maintain good Oral health and to detoxify the body in general..

Oil at a Magical Spot

To improve your health and beauty, all it takes is 3 drops of oil at a magical spot!!

Deodorizing and Purifying Air Naturally

Essential oils are the best air purifiers wihtout toxic substances.

Skin Whitening, Brightening and Lightening

Essential oils are not only used as stress busters, mood enhancers or health and memory boosters, but these are also used in beauty industry...

Olive Oil - Decode the Code

increasing demand of Olive oil has flooded the market with multiple grades of different brands. To differentiate among various types, pls read one..

Can Oils Help in Achieving Weight - Loss Goals? 

Whatever weird it may sound but Essential oils can really assist you in achieving your weight loss goals.

7 Essential Oils for a Better Night’s Sleep

These powerhouses of nature have a variety of compounds which have relaxing properties and help calm your mind and body, reduce stress and act as a mild sedative with no side effects

Treat Loose & Saggy Skin

Presenting some DIY recipes to treat dark circles, puffy or sunken eyes and under eye bags

Under Eye Treatment

Home remedies to treat - Under eye bags,  puffy eyes,  dark circles or sunken eyes

For Divine Atmosphere

To achieve inner peace and tranquillity with the help of Essential Oils.

Play Holi without worrying about Skin

The oil forms a protective layer over the skin and hair

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy..... A traditional, alternative, complimentary and holistic healing technique, is used since ancient times to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, by using natural plant extracts such as essential oils and other aromatic compounds. The right fragrance can effectively heal conditions such as tension, depression, mood swings or anxiety. Aromatherapy helps speed up good-night’s sleep, lift up spirit and improves overall mental strength.